Apple Valley woman ‘paralyzed with fear’ during UFO encounter

Terror beset an Apple Valley couple late one night last month when an unidentified flying object appeared outside their bedroom window.

According to testimony provided by the wife, light from the silent, low-flying object began shining into the bedroom just after 1 a.m. Saturday, April 27.

“I was almost asleep when I noticed a bright light shining on me through my closed eyes,” the wife reported on the witness database of the Mutual UFO Network, a Denver-based nonprofit which seeks to scientifically resolve the enigma of UFOs.

“I opened my eyes, woke my husband and we watched a silent object that didn’t seem very far away move south across the sky.

“The object seemed to be at the same level as us. It kept its beam of light facing our bedroom window for about 10 seconds … It just kept moving south until it was out of our view.”

The wife reported she did not get out of bed to watch the object’s departure because she was “paralyzed with fear.”

“My husband walked around the house a little just to check to make sure the doors were locked,” she stated.

The  Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, compiles reports of such incidents and often conducts follow-up investigations with the witnesses, whose identities are not publicly released.

The Apple Valley Police Department received no reports of anomalous aerial phenomena in the early hours of April 27, police Capt. Michael Marben said.

Minnesota had four reported UFO sightings in April, according to coverage of the recent Apple Valley incident at the news and entertainment website

“Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade,” the report notes.

  • Dave G

    You guys should be absolutely embarrassed that you published this story.

  • Jan Dobson

    Hi Dave G. Okay, there’s no denying it. This story is quirky. But it appears to objectively focus on facts as purported by the individuals involved. The newspaper reporter isn’t trying to turn us readers into believers or non-believers. We are left to decide on our own what we think of the reliability of the alleged facts. The story seems less important than some, but I don’t see it as a cause for embarrassment.

    One way or another, Dave G, the truth is out there.

    • Dave G

      Jan, you must have gone to the same Journalism school as the Sun Thisweek editor.

      This isn’t “objectively focused on facts”. There ARE NO FACTS. Some oddball posted a fable to a fringe web site and Sun Thisweek just went and published it. They don’t even know who reported the “event” to the fringe web site. They parroted a statistic from…of all places… (the four UFO sightings in MN). Then they slapped on a headline and the results of a 30-second call to the AVPD.

      Simply put:

      – Story entirely based on an anonymous anecdote on a web site
      – “Facts” = Statistics about fictional events from an entertainment web site with zero credibility
      – Zero actual research or corroboration

      I stand by what I said: This story IS an embarrassment to professional journalists and the news industry.

      • Jan Dobson

        Didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers, Dave G. Quite honestly, I took you first comment as critical of subject matter rather than source.

        • Dave G

          I’m critical of the subject matter too. I think UFO people are generally nutjobs.

          • Jan Dobson

            I’ve never seen a UFO. And I’ve never listened to any story of alien encounter that made me a believer. Still, making hard and fast judgments about things unknowable isn’t really my style. “There are more things in Heaven and Earth…” and all that. When it comes right down to it, I guess I kind of hope there are others out there.

  • Gentle Reader

    Haaa! Nut job? You forgot Wacko, Kook, and Crank.

    There were four sightings in April, and I think that’s interesting.

    I like this story. Keep up the good work son.