Intoxicated Rosemount woman kicks, spits at officers

Rosemount police had a bit of a struggle trying to send a Rosemount woman to detox on May 9.

Police went to the Rosemount residence where a woman reportedly “needed to be removed due to her hostility and level of intoxication,” according to the criminal complaint. The high level of intoxication quickly became apparent to officers.

Nancy Dee Al-Kordi, 49, of Rosemount kicked one of the officers in the groin during a pat search, and she then spat at one of the officers as she was put into the back of the squad car, the criminal complaint states.

Her spit landed on an officer’s uniform and shoes, the complaint details.

Al-Kordi has run into past legal trouble with a few disorderly conduct charges as well as drinking-related incidents and assault.

Assault of an officer in the fourth degree is a felony charge with a maximum penalty of three years and $6,000.