Farmington High School through the years

In its 130-year history, Farmington High School has been located in four different buildings. This class of 2013 is the first  that spent all four years at the newest location on Flagstaff Avenue.

Farmington was classified as a city high school in its early days.
fm 130th sidebar 1st school
The first high school in District 40 was housed in this building (at right), which was sold in 1913 and used by University of Minnesota for short courses. The Putman Act of 1912 helped create support for agricultural schools. In 1913, the county supported a request to make the first agricultural school in Farmington.

fm 130th sidebar 2nd schoolThe new building in 1913 that housed the new consolidated school is at right. This building still stands next to the District Service Center on 510 Walnut St. It houses the Farmington Food Shelf and Farmington Twist n Tumble Gymnastics program.

In 1936, Castle Rock Township closed its high school and sent its 10 students to Farmington. The district continued to grow in 1942 with the Gopher Ordnance Works, an arms plant during the war bringing 150 additional students to the district. Three grade school classes were built in the high school.

As the area continued to grow, Farmington was ready for its third new high school. The Robert Boeckman Middle School building at 800 Denmark Ave. was the former high school until four years ago.

Source: “Picturing the Past: Events that Shaped Dakota County in the Twentieth Century” by David M. Schreier.