Winning over Farmington High School students

Farmington math teacher to speak at 2013 graduation

by Sarah Allen
Sun Thisweek
Dakota County Tribune

Calculus is not typically the most popular subject for high school students, but the teens at Farmington High School cannot wait to get to math class.

Scott Domingos, a calculus teacher at Farmington High School, has become a favorite among students. Domingos was voted as the 2013 Farmington High School graduation commencement speaker.

Domingos plans to deliver an insightful commencement message at a time when the Farmington seniors may need it most. During Friday’s commencement speech, Domingos said he plans to focus on facing the problems and challenges that life brings. He aims to encourage students not to fight against life’s hardships, but to embrace them.

Domingos also will endeavor to highlight the importance of the graduation ceremony itself.

When looking back at his own high school graduation, Domingos said: “Everyone else was making a big deal” about it. He said he didn’t even realize the significance until later.

This is why Domingos plans to relay the substance of this moment to the students.

“They probably feel the same way that I did back then,” he said.

This sort of statement is a display of his ability to understand his students. His capacity to connect with students and speak with them on their level sets this mathematics teacher apart.

“I feel really comfortable interacting with teenagers,” Domingos said. “There is a need to connect with them at a personal level. If they enjoy being in the classroom then they will enjoy learning the subject.”

His tendency to create a fun and inviting atmosphere has won over many of Domingos’ students. Each year, students vote for a teacher to deliver the commencement speech. Domingos’ unique teaching style swayed many students to vote in his direction.

Grace Gavin, a graduating senior in Domingos’ calculus class, voted for him as the commencement speaker. When asked what sets Domingos apart from other teachers, Gavin said: “He’s super quirky and awkward, in a fun way.

“Calculus is not always a fun class, but everyone loves going because of him,” Gavin said. “He makes us feel comfortable.”

Domingos has been teaching mathematics for 17 years but is coming up on his second year in the Farmington School District. The rewards of teaching have motivated Domingos to continue his career in education.

“It is the sense of fulfilment of making a positive impact,” Domingos said. “You get immediate feedback and reward when you see your students find success in mathematics.”