Traffic stop in Farmington leads to felony substance charges

When a Farmington police officer saw a car traveling southbound on Highway 3 near 225th Street drifting across its lane on Jan. 17, the driver had more concerns than failing to produce proof of insurance.

The criminal complaint details the following:

As driver Joshua Lee Roder, 21, of Northfield, said he did not have proof with him because he goes through many insurance companies, the officer noticed a small plastic bag usually used to carry controlled substances in the center console.

The bag had “Fusion” on it, which can indicate synthetic marijuana, and the vehicle had a “strong odor of marijuana.” The officer asked Roder and a passenger to exit the vehicle so he could search it, and he noticed Roder stash the bag and a smaller one in his pocket.

When the officer asked if either person had anything illegal on them or in the vehicle, Roder alledgedly showed the officer the Fusion, stating he did not know it was illegal and had not smoked it since it became illegal.

As the officer searched Roder, he dropped a plastic bag to the ground with a clear rock-like substance from his jacket pocket, alleging he did not know what it was.

Tests with the Dakota County Drug Task force revealed the substance contained synthetic cannabis weighing 2.63 grams and the crystal substance was meth weighing 0.33 grams.

Possession of controlled substances is a felony-level charge, carrying a maximum penalty of five years and $10,000. Roder has two felony charges and one misdemeanor charge for failure to show proof of insurance. This potential sentence is lighter, holding up to a 90-day jail time and $1,000 fine at its maximum penalty.