Fireworks citation issued in Apple Valley

Apple Valley police responded to nine fireworks-related complaints, and issued one fireworks citation, between July 3 and July 7.

The citation came after police responded to a home hosting a party on the 12100 block of Gantry Lane following a complaint of fireworks and loud music at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday, July 6.

According to police, as the officer approached the home in his squad car, he observed two adult males standing in a garage. When they noticed the officer, one of them exclaimed, “It’s a cop!” and they promptly shut the garage door.

The officer made contact with the homeowner – a 43-year-old male – and issued him two citations: one for possession of several aerial fireworks, the other for loud music.

The homeowner agreed to shut his party down.

Under Minnesota law, explosive and aerial fireworks – such as bottle rockets, Roman candles and mortars and shells – are prohibited for public sale, possession and use.