Who is doing the real work?

To the editor:

After reading your article profiling Alpha Women’s Center I feel complied to voice my opinion. The first sentence of your article indicates that Alpha is doing work “preventing abortions.”

Crisis pregnancy centers regrettably do not prevent abortions. Access to comprehensive sex education and affordable birth control are society’s most effective methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

The free ultrasounds provided by Alpha Women’s Center do nothing to solve the complicated, personal circumstances that women encounter with an unplanned pregnancy.

I wish crisis pregnancy centers would focus their energy more on supporting women and children on the long journey of parenting, not just the birth. I encourage the newspaper to profile organizations that are doing the real work of lifting families out of poverty and educating our children instead of giving print to agencies that foster misinformation and false hope.

The writer is a member of the Minnesota Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.