Short Redhead Reel Reviews for the week of July 19

by Wendy Schadewald
Special to Sun Thisweek and the Dakota County Tribune

Rating system:  (4=Don’t miss, 3=Good, 2=Worth a look, 1=Forget it)

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“The Conjuring” (R) (3.5) [Sequences of disturbing violence and terror.] — When the devoted Perron couple (Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston), their five daughters (Joey King, Hayley McFarland, Shanley Caswell, Kyla Deaver, and Mackenzie Foy), and their collie Sadie move into a new isolated farmhouse on the East coast in 1971 and are immediately terrorized by an evil entity in this intense, chilling, nail-biting, 112-minute thriller allegedly based on a true story, the frightened, concerned couple hires clairvoyant Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga), her church-sanctioned, demonologist husband Ed (Patrick Wilson), and a couple of paranormal investigators (Shannon Kook and John Brotherton) to exorcize the house and to perform an exorcism.

“The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation” (NR) (3) [DVD only] — In this 28-minute, Oscar-winning animated film that intersperses animated sequences with clips from home movies and still photographs, filmmaker John Canemaker reminiscences about his tumultuous childhood with his father, John Cannezzaro (voiceover by Eli Wallach), and imagines the father and son (voiceover by John Turturro) conversation that he would have had with him through the medium of this film.

“The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello” (NR) (3.5) [DVD only] — An imaginative, visually stunning, 27-minute Oscar-nominated animated Australian film about a dishonored airship navigator (voiceover by Joel Edgerton) who reluctantly leaves his wife in a dying city and boards a flying ship.

“One Man Band” (NR) (2.5) [DVD only] — Two musicians playing a multitude of instruments near a wishing fountain in a public square in this 4 minute, Oscar-nominated animated film vie for the coin of a cheeky peasant girl who unexpectedly plays a mean violin.

“Our Time Is Up” (NR) (3.5) [DVD only] — When a psychologist (Kevin Pollack) learns that he has only six weeks to live in this 15-minute, Oscar-nominated film, he drastically changes his therapy methods and successfully puts his patients (Johnny Messner, Rick Hoffman, Jerry Minor, Katheryn Winnick, et al.) on the fast track to recovery by being refreshingly honest.

“Red 2” (PG-13) (3.5) [Pervasive action and violence including frenetic gunplay, and some language and drug material.] — When the long-buried, highly classified Nightshade operation goes viral on the Internet and a coldblooded CIA agent (Neal McDonough), a sharpshooting MI-6 agent (Helen Mirren), and a wealthy Asian assassin (Byung-hung Lee) are hired for numerous  contract hits in this highly entertaining, hilarious, well-paced, star-dotted (Catherine Zeta-Jones, David Thewlis, and Brian Cox), action-packed comedy, a retired CIA agent (Bruce Willis), his girlfriend (Mary-Louise Parker), and his paranoid best friend (John Malkovich) scramble to stay alive while trying to find the whereabouts of a brilliant British scientist (Anthony Hopkins).

“R.I.P.D.” (PG-13) (2.5) [Violence, sci-fi/fantasy action, some sensuality, and language, including sex reference.] — After a Boston detective (Ryan Reynolds) is murdered by his corrupt, duplicitous partner (Kevin Bacon) during a police raid in this over-the-top, campy, 3D, modestly funny, action-packed comedy, he ends up serving in the Rest in Peace Department where a Heavenly proctor (Mary-Louise Parker) assigns him a new, wacky, colorful partner (Jeff Bridges) who mentors him in tracking down the dead (Robert Knepper, et al.) who are going incognito as living people on Earth.

“Six Shooter” (NR) (3) [DVD only] — While grieving the loss of his wife in this quirky, 27-minute, Oscar-winning film, an Irishman (Brendan Gleeson) on a train to Dublin becomes even more depressed after he meets a mean-spirited, gun-packing lad (Rúaidhrí Conroy) whose mother was murdered the day before and a grieving couple (Aisling O’Sullivan and David Wilmot) who had just lost their baby to SIDS.

“Turbo” (PG) (3) [Some mild action and thematic elements.] — An entertaining, family-friendly, star-studded (voiceovers by Luis Guzmán, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Peña, Maya Rudolph, Ken Jeong, Michelle Rodriquez, and Snoop Doog), 3D, animated film about a depressed, tomato-loving, turtle-paced snail (voiceover by Ryan Reynolds) that dreams of being speedier and when he is accidentally doused with nitrous oxide while sucked into a car on a freeway, he turns into a speed demon and miraculously ends up competing against a jealous racecar driver (voiceover by Bill Hader) at the Indy 500 in Indianapolis after a Mexican taco seller (voiceover by Richard Jenkins) nabs him and his friend (voiceover by Paul Giamatti) to make money and to advertise his taco stand.

Wendy Schadewald is a Burnsville resident.