Concerned about pollution

To the editor:

The “climate change/global warming” controversy is a confusing issue for me, and I’m wondering if we could change the subject.

I’m concerned about pollution.

I don’t know if that’s a hot-button topic right now anywhere in the world, but I’m 40 years old and was raised in an era when the Statue of Liberty was slowly getting eaten away by acid rain, and people were concerned about the air they breathed. People vehemently tell me that pollution helps the technology sector and improves the quality of life for everyone in the world – especially we Americans. I’m hesitant to state the following because of the potential backlash by my political rivals, but I believe attempting to keep our American air clean is important.

When I think of all the factory workers making my cigarettes who have to breathe unclean air before they get to work and after they leave work, empathy sometimes overwhelms me – the stress causing me to smoke more cigarettes per day than usual. I also strongly support clean water. If I’m drinking a beer – or having a vodka – I like to know the water contained within it won’t pollute my body and introduce any foreign chemicals that could alter my body’s chemistry or have damaging long-term side effects.

Andy Alt