Man, woman accused of robbing, assaulting man at Eagan hotel


Nathan Hayden
Nathan Hayden

Two people face felony charges after allegedly assaulting, imprisoning and robbing a man at an Eagan hotel.

Nathan Scott Hayden of South St. Paul and Jennifer Marlene Anderson of Eagan were charged Aug. 8 with first-degree aggravated robbery for their role in the alleged attack. Hayden was also charged with false imprisonment and terroristic threats, both felonies.

According to the criminal complaint, Hayden, 35, walked into the alleged victim’s hotel room through a door that was ajar at about midnight on July 9 and demanded money and guns.

The alleged victim recognized Hayden, who had spoken to him outside the hotel a day earlier. Hayden approached the alleged victim just as he ended a phone call about an impending divorce and told the man he should feel good about himself because he has nice things like the new truck he just purchased. Hayden then followed the man into his hotel room and continued to comment on the man’s nice things. The man is an avid gun collector and had several gun cases inside his room and truck.

Hayden mentioned he was staying in the next room and asked if the alleged victim would pay for his room for another night. The man declined, and Hayden eventually left.

About a minute after Hayden barged into the room, three other men allegedly entered to assist Hayden in the robbery. One of the men lifted the man’s shirt to check for concealed weapons and then searched his pockets. The alleged victim told the men he was scared, and they told him he was “(expletive) too much,” and to “mellow out.”

Hayden then allegedly grabbed the man, held a knife to his throat and told him, “You’re going to die, boy.” One of the other men allegedly held another knife to the man’s neck and pushed him onto the bed where he was repeatedly punched in his side, according to the complaint.

For the next hour and a half to two hours, the men attempted to get money from the alleged victim. The man only had about $26 in cash. Hayden allegedly held a knife to the man’s neck and made him get onto his laptop to attempt to transfer money from his account to Hayden’s. When the man told Hayden he didn’t have any money in his account, Hayden allegedly made the man pull up his account to show him the balance. While Hayden attempted to get money, the other three men ransacked the man’s hotel room, the complaint said.

Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson

Suspecting the alleged victim was stalling, all four men became upset, hit him repeatedly and told him he would die and that his family would die if he called police, the complaint said.

At one point Hayden allegedly demanded that the man transfer money from his wife’s account, but by that time, the transfer time had expired and he was locked out of the account.

Giving up on the money transfer, the men loaded the alleged victim’s cellphone, gun supplies, gun optics and other property into his truck. Hayden then took the keys, title and other documentation for the truck and left in the vehicle with the other three men.

Once they left, the man reported the robbery to police, who arrived a short time later. The man told them a woman named Jen or Jennifer stayed with Hayden in the room next to his, and had also asked him to pay for her room. A police investigation determined that Anderson, 40, had stayed in the room with Hayden. The alleged victim, who identified Anderson in a police lineup, said he believes Anderson set up the robbery. He said he saw her enter his room, take his personal property and act as a lookout during the alleged robbery.

During an interview with police, Anderson, who was in jail for an unrelated charge, admitted that Hayden came by her room and told her the alleged victim owed him money, according to the complaint. She also told police Hayden came to the hotel with three other men and she left with them in the alleged victim’s truck.

The alleged victim’s vehicle was found parked outside a St. Paul residence and was taken by police as evidence. Banking documents and fingerprints inside the vehicle led police to Hayden, who was also identified by the alleged victim in a police lineup.

Hayden was arrested on Aug. 6 and while being driven to jail allegedly said Anderson called him and while he was helping her with something, three other men robbed the alleged victim, stole the man’s truck and made Hayden drive. Hayden said he went to a St. Paul residence where they unloaded the ammunition and parked the vehicle.

If convicted, Hayden and Anderson could face up to 20 years in prison for the robbery charge. Hayden could face up to three years in prison if convicted of false imprisonment and up to five years if convicted of terroristic threats.

Hayden has previously been convicted of second degree-assault and terroristic threats.

Anderson has numerous drug convictions between 2002 and 2012.

Police are investigating the other three men involved in the alleged robbery.