Area business donations to help build Rosemount’s newest park

Flint Hills Resources and four other Minnesota companies have donated goods and services to help complete a new athletic complex in Rosemount.

The five companies worked together to donate all of the materials and labor necessary to pave parking lots for the new facility, which is located a couple miles southwest of the Pine Bend refinery.

The city of Rosemount plans to build a variety of athletic fields at the site to meet the growing demand for sports-related green space in the city.

The donations, totaling nearly $80,000 in value, were accepted by the Rosemount City Council at its Sept. 3 meeting.

Participating companies, the materials and services to be provided, and the estimated donation value from each company includes:

• Flint Hills Resources:  Liquid asphalt for parking lot ($57,000)
• Pine Bend Paving: Parking lot paving ($12,000)
• Barton Sand & Gravel:  Asphalt mixing ($10,000)
• Kane Transport: Oil transportation ($800)

Paving work on the parking lot is expected to begin immediately.

The athletic facility is located at the intersection of Akron Avenue and Bonaire Path. Flint Hills donated the 57-acre property to the city in 2007. That donation was valued at $2.7 million.