Rosemount man charged with two felonies after receiving marijuana in the mail

The Dakota County Sheriff’s Department charged on Aug. 29 Herbert Lee Gildersleeve, 39, of Rosemount, with fifth-degree possession and intent to sell a controlled substance with prior convictions, both felonies.G-PoliceCarWEB

According to the police report, Gildersleeve received a package that was shipped overnight from California containing 12-pounds of marijuana to an acquaintance’s residence in Farmington in January.

The Dakota County Drug Task Force was contacted Jan. 18 by Airport Police regarding a suspicious, large package that was paid for with cash for overnight delivery. A K-9 unit was brought in and went straight for the package after officers told the dog to “seek dope.”

After a search warrant was obtained for the package, they discovered 12 pounds of marijuana in heat-sealed packages. The package was resealed and delivered by an undercover Airport Police officer posing as a FedEx driver to the address in Farmington.

Officers observed Gildersleeve retrieve the package and approached the residence. Officers breached the entrance after no one inside answered their knocks, and Gildersleeve was arrested upstairs.

One of the homeowners, who was home at the time, denied any knowledge of the contents of the package, and stated Gildersleeve was the boyfriend of a cousin.

The two counts carry a combined penalty of up to 20 years and/or $40,000 in fines.

Court records from Hennepin County District Court show that the Gildersleeve received a stay of adjudication on a controlled substance crime in 2009.