Choosing the greater right

To the editor:

I thought the letter by Sandy Sandoval entitled “How can a Christian say no?” was very well written and I agree with most of it.

However, she totally lost me when she wrote: “How can a Christian say no to allowing every woman the right to choose for herself about her own body?” And then goes on to say: “America is about giving rights, not taking them.”

I agree with the latter, which is why Roe v. Wade and the whole abortion rights movement is a grave atrocity, since it takes away the rights of the unborn.

To Ms. Sandoval’s question how can a Christian be opposed to the so-called “right to choose” I say the answer is quite simple: This so-called “right to choose” infringes upon a much greater right – the right for humans to be born at all.

In my opinion, this is both un-Christian and un-American.

Philip Kerler

  • taxpay28

    This is why Roe v Wade was such a travisty. To have such federal over reach it to the matters reserved to the Several States forces a top down mandate in which the right to Life, Liberty and Property of one citizen gets to trump that of another (the unborn). Only the most hard hearted person would choose to kill an inocent individual for their own benifit, yet that is the reality.