Obermueller would ease college debt

To the editor:

Every parent of a college-age kid knows what I’m saying when I talk about tuition increases that have gone out of sight. Six-digit debt was not the kind of future most of us looked forward to when we got our diploma. That’s the kind of world Mike Obermueller is concerned about. In running for Congress, it’s a major item on his platform to work at reducing that kind of cost for parents and students, when tuition and loan costs have escalated beyond the means of many of us.

In seeking proactive solutions, Obermueller isn’t tied to remedies that may not work in favor of parents. If education is good for our country, it should be available to all the young people in it. So Obermueller has supported early childhood and family education for all, even those kids whose parents have to work three jobs to feed their families.  Preschool can be prohibitively pricey for lower-income parents.

Obermueller has noticed that police chiefs, sheriffs and prosecutors have taken a stand for the value of early education, and he’s seen that it hasn’t been a main priority for many in the U.S. House of Representatives, including those in the majority like the local incumbent, John Kline. Obermueller wants a proper emphasis placed on those programs that are proven winners for Minnesotans.  Without investment in the most productive priorities, our state can slide into mediocrity. Obermueller is committed that here in the 2nd District young people should be able to realize their potential.

Paul Hoffinger