Respect others’ property

To the editor:

This letter is to address some very concerning matters that have happened near or on my property in Lakeville. I hope each parent reads this letter and talks to their child about respecting others’ property.

On Sunday, Sept. 8, much to the dismay of our neighbors and ourselves, we woke up to some very disturbing property damage. Someone, while out late at night, decided it would be “fun” to walk up to someone’s property, walk onto their boat, and relieve themselves in their boat. They must have thought the fun shouldn’t stop there so they decided to “wipe” themselves and put the dirty toilet paper in my mailbox.

I cannot describe to you how disturbing this is or how disappointed I am in those who chose to partake in this matter. Even though our kids may be bored in an evening, this is an activity that I just cannot think would be fun nor exciting. This truly is a disturbing activity that I cannot understand why anyone would partake in. Both houses have very young children and imagine our disgust when our children found these items. Not only has the perpetrator now done property damage, which is an offense, the perpetrator has also gone to the extent of having it as a federal offense by tampering with a mailbox.

Parents should let their children know this type of behavior is unacceptable. There should be no reason that this type of activity should occur. Please respect others’ property and think twice about what one may think is “fun” when wandering around late at night. We moved to Lakeville years ago due to the community and the respect we thought everyone had. This activity has really made us question what is going on.

Kristin Kramer Sanders