Another disaster is coming

To the editor:

Disaster relief. That was the topic of a recent and very brief legislative special session. This was needed to ensure federal aid would flow to help the victims of some very real natural disasters in our state. There were some disasters left out, however: some man-made disasters created by the legislators themselves.

There was no action on the looming tax increases on warehouses and farm equipment repairs. These will hurt business people and farmers directly and almost certainly cause price increases on the food and products that every family purchases. Gov. Mark Dayton and the DFL-dominated state Legislature created this disaster with their last-minute tax bill, which some speculate was passed without their understanding of all the details. Where was DFL Sen. Greg Clausen? Changing his initial “no” vote to a “yes” in favor of all the new taxes.

There was also no action on reversing the impending unionization of home day care operations. This disaster created by the governor and DFL Legislature could force day care owner-operators to either join a union or pay “fair share” fees, increasing the cost of child care for families. Even the StarTribune, in a May 15, 2013, editorial, said the “(unionization) bill is political payback, not good policy.”

With all the new taxes and spending by the governor and DFL Legislature, a disaster that hits close to home is this: our local school leaders are asking for a property tax levy increase. So while the DFL is raising taxes and helping their political allies, the local public schools are still forced to ask tapped-out families for one more tax increase.  Disaster.

Pat Staley

  • taxpay28

    The uninformed and misinformed will simply say you’re a chicken little crying that the sky is falling. The only way to reach these tools is to let them have what they voted for. When they are hurt maybe they will open their hearts to the truth.