House holding the country hostage

To the editor:

Once again I woke to read my daily newspaper and find the GOP-controlled U.S. House of Representatives is working to shut down the government. When are they going to stop behaving like spoiled children and work toward actual solutions? All I have seen coming from this body is more corporate welfare while they kick the middle and low income families to the curb.

I am disabled and collect Social Security Disability. I paid for my Social Security Disability insurance for 20 years. Retirees paid for their retirement insurance all the years they worked. Social Security is not a welfare program, it is not an entitlement, it is insurance bought and paid for by the recipients. I, once again, because of the GOP find myself worried about a government shutdown. How will I pay my rent? How will I purchase food? How will I get to doctor appointments? Is John Kline going to step in and help us who count on our Social Security benefits?

I refuse to call Mr. Kline a representative since he has never represented me and my interests, I will do everything in my power to have him defeated in the 2014 election. It is time we get true representation in Washington, D.C. I am tired of thugs holding our great nation hostage. My message to all GOP representatives is wake up before they find themselves unemployed.

Deborah Mathiowetz