Madison Holtze – a rare music talent at RHS

Madison Holtze
Madison Holtze

Rosemount High School student excels in music, academics

by Sara Potzman
Sun Thisweek
Dakota County Tribune

Senior Madison Holtze has a promising future as a talented singer, musician and student.

Holtze grew up with music. When she was 7 years old, she was learning to play violin, and began playing French horn at the age of 10.

The senior at Rosemount High School continues her love of music as a singer and a member of the marching band.

“I grew up a classical musician,” she said, “so it’s been an experience for me doing marching band stuff.”

Holtze says she was part of the Minnesota Youth Symphonies from fourth to 10th grade, setting the foundation for her music career. She began singing classically since seventh grade, and has been singing ever since. Along with violin and French horn, she also plays piano and mellophone.

Holtze also excels academically. Her classes include Advanced Placement courses in psychology, literature and statistics. She also takes French, Honors physics, choir, and band. As a theater student, she said she once had to dye her hair red for her role of Lucy in the production of “Jekyll and Hyde.”

Steve Olsen, band director at Rosemount High School, said Holtze is “a very rare student.”

“Maddie is one of those students, as a high school music teacher, this is my 33rd year of teaching, students like Maddie come along once in a career,” Olsen said.

He said her multiple talents go beyond her music, and are seen in her academics and her personality.

“It’s not just the talent,” he said. “It’s the work ethic, it’s the open mindedness, and it’s the willingness to think creatively, think outside of the box. Maddie is full of ideas, takes direction well, and also has ideas to contribute.”

Outside of class, Holtze is an active member at Hosanna Church in Lakeville. She has done an internship in the music department. She is part of the youth worship team, working with young people.

Holtze also has many hobbies besides music. She loves football and hockey, and spends her free time watching the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Wild.

“I do love hanging out with my friends,” she said. “But I do like my alone time, too. I love to read, and hanging out with my family.”

Holtze is beginning to apply to multiple colleges. She says she’s applied to the University of Minnesota and colleges in New York, Chicago, and Canada. Holtze says she wants to continue her musical career after high school.

“I want to major in vocal performance,” she said. “Or maybe double major in history or English. But I definitely want to do music.”