Tree planting set at Rahn Elementary

An ongoing partnership between Rahn Elementary School of Arts & Technology and Tree Trust is coming to fruition on Tuesday, Oct. 22, when students, staff and volunteers will plant 21 trees around the school’s grounds and new outdoor classroom.

The well-established trees are provided through the Learning with Trees program of the local nonprofit Tree Trust. The new trees will serve many different purposes, including blocking road traffic and noise, providing shade and beauty, and replacing ash trees that will inevitably be lost to emerald ash borer.

As part of the project, local business partners and volunteers worked with Rahn staff members over the summer to build an outdoor learning space with the help of a Tree Trust grant. The classroom includes benches and a circular gravel “floor.” Trees planted Oct. 22 will complete the space.

Along with beautifying the grounds and providing an outdoor learning space, Rahn Enrichment Specialist Cara Slattery said the planting itself is a learning experience for students.

“Every student will be involved over the course of the day, so it’s a great opportunity for them to learn about trees and plants in a very hands-on way,” Slattery said.

On the planting day, Tree Trust staff and volunteers will lead groups of students through the process of planting a tree or shrub. The students are assigned various roles – digger, planter, mulcher, waterer – and trained volunteers and staff make sure the trees and shrubs are planted properly.

The school is located at 4424 Sandstone Drive, Eagan, in Burnsville-Eagan-School District 191.