City to preserve Eagan’s historic Town Hall over winter

Passersby will soon see a “blanket” of sorts covering the old Town Hall as city officials begin their efforts to preserve the 1914 structure.

By City Council action, the Town Hall will be shrink-wrapped to maintain surviving portions of the building through the winter. Wrapping the building will cost approximately $2,100.

“There is not really adequate time before the snow falls to make decisions on what all the thoughtful options are for preservation and how to tell Eagan’s story going forward,” Eagan Mayor Mike Maguire said in a news release. “This buys us some time, preserving our options for preservation and giving us flexibility until this spring.”

City officials plan to speak with the Eagan Historical Society regarding their priorities and goals, and display and storage space needs. A report will be given to the council detailing additional findings and recommendations in the first quarter of 2014.