Identity theft for schools

To the editor:

I would like to report multiple instances of identify theft. You know, the crime where someone uses your information to take out loans, credit cards and other types of debt in your name. Last week, 7,998 Lakeville Area School District residents took out student loans (collectively known as a levy) in the names of all the people who didn’t vote for the loan. Now, all the people who didn’t want the loan or voted against it are on the hook for it. But wait — there’s more. If the citizens don’t pay the loan back in the form of property taxes, they will have their homes seized. Families and their children will be turned out into the street.

Do all those yes voters think this is Minnesota nice? Stealing from your neighbor should really be labeled a Minnesota vice.

Besides the identity theft, the real crime is what we teach our children with these votes. We teach them that they don’t have to work hard to provide for their children. They just have to vote for stuff. That is the real education our children are receiving.


  • Tom Eliot

    Hey Hal,

    You should look into relocating to a country where voting is maybe a little less important. I hear China, Cuba and North Korea really don’t get into the whole democratic process idea. Might be a better fit for you. The nerve of our founding fathers to think that citizens should have a voice. Of course, Hal, I do understand how you must feel. Every time Michele Bachman is re-elected, I feel the same.

    Tom Eliot
    Eureka Township