Eagan man accused of stealing from vulnerable adult in his care

An Eagan man is accused of taking thousands of dollars from a vulnerable adult in his care.

Muhannah Samir Kakish, 40, was charged on Nov. 6 in Dakota County District Court with felony financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult and gross misdemeanor financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

According to the criminal complaint, Kakish had guardianship over a man who was living in adult foster care and was responsible for managing the man’s money.

Instead of paying the man’s rent and personal expenses between Aug. 1, 2011, and Feb. 8, 2012, Kakish allegedly withdrew large sums of cash from the man’s account to gamble. Kakish was the only person with access to the account, and also transferred money from the victim’s account to his own.

By October 2011 the bank closed the man’s account, which had a negative balance of $8,000.

Upset he wasn’t receiving money for his personal care, the victim reported Kakish to Dakota County Social Services workers who called police.

In an interview with police on March 19, 2012, Kakish allegedly admitted to withdrawing money from the victim’s account at casinos when his own accounts reached their daily limits.

After taking the money, Kakish would transfer money into the victim’s account.

Kakish admitted to falling behind on the victim’s rent payments and other expenses, but couldn’t explain why there were money transfers from the victim’s account into his own.

If convicted, Kakish could face up to five years in prison for the felony count and up to one year in jail for the gross misdemeanor count.