What am I missing?

To the editor:

In a recent letter titled as above, Deborah Mathiowetz wondered why President Obama is being blamed “for the whole (Affordable Care Act) mess.” Well, it is his signature piece of legislation. ACA and the associated exemptions (by executive fiat) are the crown jewels of his presidency. He and his administration are in charge of implementing ACA and should accept responsibility for success and failure. Instead we have seen this administration’s arrogance. Despite repeated warnings about the website, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius launched it. Thus, we have the current “mess.” Who else should we “blame”; better yet “hold responsible?”

Mathiowetz blames the “GOP who failed to fund development of the websites to the necessary level.” Is $1 billion enough? The Government Accountability Office is indicates the IRS portion could be $534 million and HHS portion could be “well over $600 million.” An HHS official has indicated that there could be another $630 million in potential obligations (reference The Fact Checker). The first billion dollars for the website and infrastructure could have enabled the government to purchase insurance policies for over a million Americans without affecting the entire nation.

Mathiowetz concludes that “we must go to a Medicare type system” or the “insurance companies will continue jerking the American people around.” The most jerking around the American people have seen in recent memory has been perpetrated by the Obama administration and ACA. Perhaps the recommendation is based upon various successes of big government: U.S. Postal Service (always broke), Social Security (turned into an easy pot of money and continually going broke), War on Poverty ($1 trillion/year and a higher percentage of poor after 49 years), Medicare and Medicaid (robbed and going broke), Department of Energy (created to lessen dependence on foreign oil 36 years ago), and the U.S. Tax Code/IRS (speaks for itself). Perhaps the “single payer” system is the end game for Obama and Mathiowetz will receive her wish. Just what we need, the IRS in charge healthcare or another government agency/bureaucracy to match past successes. To better understand the end game I recommend reading Obama’s book, “Dreams from My Father.”

Al Kranz