Require workforce housing in new neighborhoods

To the editor:

After reading the story about affordable housing in Eagan near LeMay Lake, it states that Eagan is popular for “workforce” housing.

My mind turned to my son and his family who would love to move to Eagan and School District 196, but there are no single-family homes in his price range.

Why are townhouses always considered “workforce” housing?

In my opinion, having owned one, townhouses are very difficult if not impossible to resell, a terrible housing choice and investment. Surely builders can build $150,000-$175,000 single-family homes for a profit. It is obvious to me they know Eagan will approve the more expensive housing (higher profit) without any objections like the Parkview development. This City Council has shown it will cave to developers at the mere threat of a lawsuit.

Why didn’t the city require the Parkview Golf Course development to have some single-family “workforce” housing? Instead Parkview will be one step below a gated community with its $400,000-plus homes and its “private” community swimming pool. It would not have been that hard for the city to require a number of single-family “workforce” homes. Could this have been to protect the Fairway Hills and neighboring developments’ property values?