Chipotle robbery suspect also charged in cellphone store theft

Richard S. Riley
Richard S. Riley

The man accused of robbing Chipotle Mexican Grill in Apple Valley with a BB gun is now facing another felony charge in connection with theft of money and phones from a Rosemount cellphone store where he worked.

Richard S. Riley, 22, of Apple Valley, was charged with aggravated robbery for the Dec. 23 incident at the Chipotle located 7638 150th St. W.

Riley, a Chipotle employee, allegedly entered the restaurant in the early morning wearing a bandanna over his face and pointed a BB gun resembling a handgun at another employee, saying “give me the money before I blow your head off.”

According to the complaint, after making off with nearly $9,000 from the restaurant’s safe, he was arrested later that day following an Apple Valley police investigation.

On Dec. 31, five days after he was charged with the Chipotle robbery, Dakota County prosecutors also charged Riley with felony theft related to a fraudulent customer transaction and theft of two phones in July 2013 at a cellphone store on Robert Trail in Rosemount where he was then employed.

According to that complaint, the store manager contacted police July 26 to report that Riley had recently applied a payment of $461 to a relative’s account but never put the money in the cash register. The fraudulent transaction was caught during the store’s regular audits, and Riley’s employment at the store was subsequently terminated.

Then, in August, the store manager again contacted police to report that two cellphones, with a total value of about $1,150, were missing. An investigation revealed that one of the phones had been activated and assigned Riley’s phone number, and the other was assigned a relative’s phone number.

Police spoke with Riley in September regarding the cellphone store incidents; he denied committing the fraudulent transaction but “gave officers an implausible story for how the mix-up happened,” the complaint said. He also told officers he had purchased his cellphone, and the other suspect cellphone in a relative’s possession, on the classified advertising site Craigslist.

If convicted of the theft charge, Riley faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a fine of $10,000. The aggravated robbery charge carries a possible prison sentence of 20 years.