String of thefts from vehicles in Apple Valley

The fiercely cold weather hasn’t deterred thieves from targeting vehicles in Apple Valley.

Police are advising residents to keep their parked cars locked after a string of thefts from vehicles in recent weeks.

Between Feb. 13 and Feb. 28, police responded to 10 reports of thefts from vehicles at both residences and businesses, the Police Department reported in a “News Flash” post last Friday on the city’s website.

Most of the thefts occurred during the early evening hours or overnight. In several of the cases, valuables were visible inside locked vehicles and windows were broken to gain entrance.

“Remember to lock your vehicle whenever you are away from it, even when it is parked in your driveway or garage,” police advised.

Residents also are urged to remove all items from vehicles when left unattended, even items without high monetary value, including gym bags, suitcases, tote bags and empty laptop cases.

“Thieves are looking for anything that looks interesting or something they can use (phone chargers included),” police stated.