Man charged in ‘pedestrian road rage’ case

A man accused of kicking a passing vehicle in the Apple Valley Cub Foods parking lot last month in an apparent fit of anger, causing more than $1,800 in damage, has been charged with a felony in district court.

The driver of a Toyota Highlander contacted police Feb. 3 to report that after stopping at a pedestrian crosswalk in the grocery store’s lot, a man — later identified as Nicholas E. Coyour, 33, of Apple Valley — had kicked her vehicle as she drove off.

According to the victim’s account, she then approached Coyour as he was getting into a car and asked why he damaged her vehicle. He allegedly told her, “Maybe you will pay attention next time.”

The victim, who reported that Coyour looked “very angry” during their verbal exchange, wrote down the license plate number of his vehicle before calling police.

The responding Apple Valley officer observed a 9-inch-by-6-inch dent above the driver’s side wheel well of the Toyota, with a smudge mark that looked like it was made by the sole of a shoe.

The officer went to Coyour’s home and spoke with the suspect, who stated he “kicked a lady’s car” because she almost ran into him and that “there needed to be some justice,” according to the criminal complaint.

Asked by the officer if he had an opportunity to move away from the vehicle instead of moving closer to kick it, Coyour allegedly remarked, “Well, I may have acted irrational.”

Cost to repair the Toyota was estimated at $1,816, the victim reported.

Coyour has been charged with one count of criminal damage to property, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.