County on a roundabout mission

To the editor:

It seems that no matter what anyone has to say about the roundabout at County Road 50 and 185th Street, it will be built. Letters, meetings and feedback will not change Dakota County’s plan; the county is on a mission.

The whole plan is flawed in that 50 was never built correctly. I will never forget waiting for it to reopen many years ago only to still find it a one-lane road, but now with turn lanes. It should be reconstructed to four-lane from Dodd to 185th. During that, add stoplights as needed and leave 185th and 50 a normal stoplight intersection, only modernized.

Roundabouts are not the answer to every difficult intersection. People don’t even know how to negotiate them, for goodness’ sake. By the way, the county will need to add road repair in next year’s budget for repair on all the detour routes used during construction of the roundabout, which is going to happen. Why? Because the county wants it.

Don’t forget about the flashing yellow arrow the county installed at 50 and Dodd that only works in one direction. Great job, guys.

Dale Doudrick