Old guard, young turks

To the editor:

I read with interest the comments in the last edition concerning the selection of the Republican candidate for House District 51A. The contending candidates are Andrea Todd-Harlin and Victor Lake.

At the convention Bruce Konold was selected to moderate the debate between the candidates. As the debate moderator he had the opportunity to meet and talk with many of the supporters. His letter to the editor on March 20 expressed his impressions and observations of the candidates and their apparent supporters onstage at the convention.

In her letter to the editor, Patricia Kemper claimed that Konold’s analysis of the candidates was “flawed.” I must have missed something. I didn’t see any analysis of the candidates other than his opinion that both were pretty equal. Konold admitted he liked both candidates. Editorial policy would not allow him the space to focus on each the candidates’ policy issues in detail. He did try to draw a distinction between the candidates based on their respective supporters.

Did Konold err in his description of the supporters? Were there really more politicians standing with Victor Lake than Konold described? Did Konold fail to identify a Tea Party member with Andrea Todd-Harlin’s supporters? Which group was older? Which group was more ethnically diverse?

Michael Tierney took offense in his letter to the editor because he perceived that Konold denigrated old, white, churchgoing, Reagan Catholics. These charges are specious and do not merit space to rebut.

It appears to me that Konold was merely observing that Todd-Harlin was supported at the convention by the “party old guard” and that Lake was supported by the “young turks.” The important thing is that it will take the old guard, the young turks and other disaffected voters to defeat DFL candidate Sandra Masin in November.

Konold’s concluding observation that it may be time for the young turks to be given a chance appears wise given that the old guard didn’t do so well in the DFL sweep of the last election.

Paul Selge

  • Jennifer Keller

    The reverend made no such remarks mentioning Reagan Catholics. Mike Tierney’s very public and baseless attacks on Victor Lake conservative Republicans, in weak support of Andrea Todd-Harlin, have become much too commonplace.

    • mikefromminnesota

      The Reverend has apologized to me for the remarks he made about Catholics he says they were unintentional but he saw how they were hurtful and I accept that. I haven’t attacked Victor Lake at all not publicly or privately. Not a word. Actually if you ask me I think Victor is a “nice young man”. Victor is clean cut, and polite but I just don’t think he has the “gravitas” for a job in the State House. As far as my support for Andrea is concerned I support her because she is bright, competent, informed and the best woman for the job.

  • Ankles Pierre, Jr.

    The reverend used the same innocent word the candidate used to describe herself. One word out of several hundred in the reverend’s letter which was very respectful to both candidates. Instead of first voicing any concern to let the reverend respond privately, Mike, the ATH campaign worker, chose instead to go public with his outrage.