VEISHEA: A celebration for all

To the editor:

Every year during the month of April, Iowa State University’s campus celebrates VEISHEA, a weeklong showcase and celebration of the student body, faculty, staff and alumni as well as the research and student activities that are undertaken there. The nation’s largest student-run festival takes a dedicated group of students to plan, implement and staff.

My name is Kelsey Schultz and I am a former resident of Lakeville, a 2010 graduate of Lakeville North, and the daughter of Mike and Tami Schultz. I currently serve as the executive tournaments chair for VEISHEA 2014. I coordinate and oversee the annual tournaments, such as Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, soccer and more, that take place during VEISHEA. In addition to the tournaments, I have also been responsible for organizing the annual scholarship run on April 12. This year we are putting a fun twist on a traditional 5K by incorporating three food challenges throughout our course.

I would like to personally invite everyone in my community to attend this year’s VEISHEA celebration on April 12 at Iowa State University in Ames. VEISHEA is a time for everyone to come together and celebrate the Iowa State connections in their lives. For ISU alumni, take some time to come back and see how your alma mater has changed. For parents of students, make a trip up to visit them and  have them show you Iowa State’s campus at its busiest. Even if you have no connection to Iowa State, this could be an opportunity to see what VEISHEA is all about.

For more information on dates, times and locations, please visit

Happy VEISHEA, and go Cyclones!

Kelsey Schultz