Probation given to man who smashed teen’s car with club

A 70-year-old Eagan man received probation for vandalizing a car with a golf club during a 2013 road rage incident.

Roger Carl Pautz was sentenced on April 21 to two years supervised probation after pleading guilty to gross misdemeanor damage to property.

Pautz was initially charged with felony first-degree criminal damage to property. Two counts of fifth-degree misdemeanor assault charges were dismissed.

The road rage incident began May 4, 2013, when Pautz, who was driving on Town Center Drive, became enraged with a 17-year-old driver who he believed was driving too slowly.

The teen tapped on his brakes and reduced his speed in an attempt force Pautz to slow down, according to the criminal complaint. Pautz attempted three times to get around the teen by changing lanes, but the young man prevented him by also changing lanes.

Eventually the teen pulled into the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant at the 1200 block of Town Center Drive to avoid Pautz, but he followed the teen into the parking lot, got out of his vehicle and approached the teenager’s car. The teen and his passengers stayed in their vehicle.

Pautz began arguing with the teen and demanded he get out of the car. When the teen refused, Pautz put his hands in the car window and began to shake the vehicle. Pautz told the teen he was going to “kick his a–” and attempted to open the locked car door.

When his attempts to get inside the car failed, Pautz went back to his vehicle, retrieved a golf club from the trunk and began smashing the teen’s car with it.

The entire incident in the parking lot was recorded on video by one of the teen’s passengers, according to the complaint.

Pautz has no prior criminal history.