Kline should support USPS

To the editor:

The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act was passed by a lame duck Congress and signed into law by the president in 2006. This legislation is effectively putting the USPS slowly out of service. An agency that operates independently and efficiently without one dime of taxpayer support. The giant private delivery companies have done very well for themselves while competing with the USPS along with the many smaller delivery companies that have appeared in recent years. I don’t believe there are any private organizations that would deliver my letter across the country, then if necessary, return it back to me for a cost of less than 50 cents as the USPS does. This legislation is so bad that Congress had to pass it with a “voice” vote. Sadly, no representatives had the courage to put their vote in writing.

My representative in Congress, U.S. Rep. John Kline, R-Burnsville, has voted over 50 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act. These votes, if passed into law, would block access to affordable, quality health care to fellow American human beings. Surely, my representative could support a full repeal of the 2006 PAEA. No, I am not a postal employee. No, I do not have any family or personal friends working for the USPS. I am just an individual who appreciates the affordable, quality service the United States Postal Service has provided me for over 50 years and my country for over 238 years.

Gary Anderson
Apple Valley