Lakeville police: Small homemade bombs in park posed little danger

Public cautioned to be on alert for others

Lakeville police are asking the public to watch for plastic bottles left in odd areas of the city after two small homemade bombs were found in a local park on June 25.

Made with aluminum foil, Drano and Works toilet bowl cleaner, the small bottle bombs were reported found in Kensington Park near 205th Street and Kensington Avenue, according to Lakeville police.

One of the devices had already exploded when police officers responded and used a pellet gun to release pressure inside the remaining bottle.

Police said there was little or no danger to the public because they were located in a remote area, but warned others may be in the city.

Residents are being asked to watch out for plastic bottles left in odd areas in city parks or along the streets; if found, residents area are being asked to leave the bottle undisturbed, move away from it an ask others to do also and immediately call 911.

Bomb bottles will be capped, have aluminum foil and liquid visible inside and be swelled or distorted. Police said there may be empty Draino, Works or other containers in nearby trash or laying around it, and there may be other bottles nearby that appear to have exploded.

Police are also asking residents who may have information about who may have made the devices to call them at 952-985-2800.