Who does Kline represent?

To the editor:

Who does U.S. Rep. John Kline, R-Burnsville, represent?

It appears that the people of the 2nd District are down the list.

No. 1 on the list is whomever is the leader of the Republican Party regardless of what they are advocating.

Kline supported former President George W. Bush almost all the time even when that support ran counter to his own and his 2nd District constituents fiscal values.  Although he claims to represent our fiscally conservative values, he voted for unfunded programs such as Medicare Part D that assured large pharmaceutical companies substantial profits at the expense of our budget deficit and future.

Apparently he compromised his fiscal values/philosophy to support his party leader, yet he would not do this for his own district when he refused to accept earmarks that would benefit his constituents.

Now that we do not have a Republican president, it appears Kline gets his marching orders from Speaker John Boehner.  He provides unwavering support for anything Boehner says or wants before asking his own district.

If not acting on the wishes of his leaders, who will he represent? Are we in third place? Sorry, but no. It is the companies and lobbyists that provide campaign cash.

Kline is supporting “Big Food Inc.” over our concerned parents to continue feeding our school children food of poor nutritional value. One of our country’s largest challenges is the epidemic of obesity in children and early onset diabetes and disability. Apparently, General Mills corporate profits are more important.

His support of private universities that have been investigated for using unscrupulous tactics to abuse taxpayer-funded educational dollars for their profits is also questionable to values of the 2nd District.

This letter is not intended to be a partisan of Democrat versus Republican. It is a letter of frustration that our representatives (of both parties) do not represent us, the people. We are far down on their “list.” They represent others or themselves and they are insulated from our frustration.

Douglas DeCarolis