Wills is a fiscal steward

To the editor:

State Rep. Anna Wills, R-Apple Valley, was right to oppose the construction of the new Minnesota Senate Office Building that was pushed through the DFL-controlled Minnesota House, and Senate, and then signed by Gov. Mark Dayton this summer. The initial cost started at $90 million with $77 million coming from Minnesota taxpayers, cost estimates now have it creeping over $100 million.

This four-story building, and parking facility will house 67 part-time state senators and their staff for four and a half months.  No plans have been made in the building’s design to permit an alternate use of the building for the remainder of the year. Taxpayers expect value when the state spends their money. This building does not provide that value. Wills has always looked out for the taxpayers, and has the right priorities when it comes to our state budget.

That’s why I’m supporting Wills for re-election to the Minnesota House on Nov. 4.

Jim Vertein