Wills stands up for what’s right

To the editor:

Democrats like to pretend “it’s for the children.” But when it comes to public education, they consistently kowtow to the teachers union at the expense of students.

Two cases in point: Minnesota Democrats passed 2013 House File 6514, the teachers union demand to eliminate academic graduation requirement for high-school students.  They also passed 2014 H.F. 10337, which considerably weakened the requirement that teachers pass an academic skills test before being licensed. The teachers union demanded this bill from the Democratic legislators whom they keep in their pocket.

State Rep. Anna Wills, R-Apple Valley, distinguished herself by speaking up clearly on the House floor in opposition to these two travesties. Her courageous voice was symbolically shouted down by the liberals, but she has vowed to take the cause of good quality public education to the legislature in the coming session. We need to return this outstanding legislator to the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Hale Meserow