Wills seeks MNsure reform

To the editor:

Some ObamaCare/MNsure plans provide only a minimal number of in-network doctors and hospitals. In order to reduce insurance premiums, some of the plans offered through MNsure and the other ObamaCare health insurance exchanges have sharply reduced the number of medical care providers (i.e. hospitals, doctors, etc.) that are in their system to only those providers that are the lowest cost.

This hits rural areas the hardest. This shortage reduces patient access to doctors (e.g. harder to get a doctor appointment and longer drive times for doctor visits). The increased number of patients on MinnesotaCare and Medicaid adds additional pressure on doctor and hospital access. Finally, ObamaCare/MNsure requirements for electronic medical records has forced at least one local nonprofit community medical clinic in Uptown Minneapolis, Neighborhood Involvement Program, to close. NIP used volunteer doctors and nurses and was partially funded by donations. It’s clear that ObamaCare is having an adverse impact on Minnesota families and our health care system.

State Rep. Anna Wills, R-Apple Valley, is in favor of reforming MNsure so as to keep what works for Minnesotans while looking at ways to return the system to the more user-friendly ways of the past. That is why I am supporting Wills for re-election to House District 57B.

Tracy Wasilowski
Apple Valley

Editor’s note: The letter writer is a certified medical assistant.