Wills is a future leader

To the editor:

I wrote two years ago about a first-term candidate for state representative, Anna Wills. I suggested that voters give her a chance to show what she could do for us because people often ask, “Where are the young people who will be our future leaders?” “Why aren’t they interested in politics?” Well, you gave her a chance, and here are a few of her accomplishments:

• Anna was the chief author of bipartisan legislation to provide a tax credit to businesses that hire veterans.

• Anna was a co-author of the 5 percent campaign to provide home and community-based care facility employees a much needed pay raise.

• Anna supported paying back the school funding shift, fought for education reform and is a strong advocate of fair funding of suburban schools.

A guest at a recent event, a retired Navy chief, said after meeting Anna for the first time, “She is very smart and will be governor some day, and I will vote for her.” I will too.

Sally Kettle
Apple Valley