Anna Wills supports the Minnesota Zoo

To the editor:

State Rep. Anna Wills, R-Rosemount, is a strong advocate for the Minnesota Zoo. She has worked hard in getting funding in support of our wonderful zoo.

The Minnesota Zoo is a staple of our local economy. The zoo provides many jobs for our community and supports local businesses that provide goods and services to the zoo. Anna has worked with legislators from both parties to ensure the zoo would receive funding in the Legislature’s bonding bill this year.

The Minnesota Zoo provides a wonderful place for the people of our community to visit and enjoy. The children who visit the zoo get to experience a world of learning and fun. As a member of the zoo, I know how enjoyable and rewarding it is to visit and experience the Minnesota Zoo. It is important that we ensure the zoo is well maintained and provided the opportunity to upgrade exhibits.

Everyone’s vote for Anna Wills is a vote toward supporting our great Minnesota Zoo.

Phil Peelor