Vote for Terry Lind

To the editor:

I am voting for Terry Lind for Lakeville Area School Board representative; here’s why others should too. Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, an administrator, or an educator, Terry gets it. He’s been there. Terry Lind raised his children here, he’s an extremely involved grandparent to students in Lakeville schools, and he is the only board member with any experience working in a school system. More than 40 years of it.

Perhaps more importantly, respect is a word people use when they talk about Terry. He not only has the experience to make wise decisions, he also cares deeply for our community, and is able to work well with others to make positive changes in our schools. Some of the challenges Terry would like to tackle in a second term are student success, middle school programming, community involvement, and long-term planning. Our school system is important. It’s a large part of what brought many of us to Lakeville. Terry Lind is the type of person who will listen to our needs and concerns, and work with others to give our children, families, and community the best experience he can.

Sarah Stowell