Re-elect Anna Wills

To the editor:

At least five times now I have received mailings from the Minnesota DFL Party castigating Ms. Anna Wills, our current state representative for District 57B, for a variety of alleged, but unsubstantiated failures, falsely suggesting that she favors environmental pollution, is against early childhood education and favors higher property taxes on businesses. The slick advertising pieces present Rep. Wills picture in a most unflattering way. I suspect that her photos were “Photoshopped” to make them appear as post office mug shots when in reality most would agree that Ms. Wills is a quite attractive young woman.

It appears that the DFL is desperate to unseat Ms. Wills who has been serving the citizens of Apple Valley, Coates and Rosemount well since first elected in 2012. She is not only endorsed by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, perhaps for her staunch conservative leanings and her fight to lower business taxes. She also advocates for the right to life of the unborn. She was instrumental in securing funding for the Minnesota Zoo and passed a measure that should save School District 196 a half of a million dollars per year.

Anna Wills’ past accomplishments in representing the citizens of District 57B during the past four years warrants the continued support of the voters.

Thomas J. Nikolai
Apple Valley