Lind is a ‘pal’ to students

To the editor:

This November, I will proudly vote for Terry Lind for the Lakeville School Board. While many know him as Terry, I affectionately know him as, “Mr. Lind.” While growing up in Lakeville, I had the privilege to attend Lakeview Elementary during Terry’s time as principal. Now, back in these early days of my education, we were taught to spell “principal” with “pal” at the end of the word, so not to write “principle.” The principal was our pal, and this association helped me remember how to spell principal.

Today, 10 years later, not much has changed. While I no longer rely on such methods for spelling, Terry remains my pal, and in a larger sense, a pal of the students of Lakeville. Mr. Lind is a voice for the students, he truly seeks to provide the best education that he can. Throughout his career, Terry has served as an educator and administrator, and he brings these perspectives to the board.

By re-electing Terry to the School Board, we are promoting a voice that truly wants the best for the students of Lakeville. The Board of Education should exist to grant our district’s children the strongest education that we can provide. Terry’s experience in Lakeville’s educational system allows him to see what areas must be prioritized to ensure success, such as middle school programming and community involvement.

Essentially, Terry’s unique experience provides a necessary viewpoint on the Board of Education. This is a man who truly seeks the best for our students and advocates for them. While Mr. Lind is no longer any student’s principal, he remains a pal to all students throughout District 194. A vote for Terry is a vote for the success of our current students and students to come.

Jack Wolf