Osborn, Lind have the right skills to serve

To the editor:

My husband and I have two boys in the Lakeville Area School District, one at Lake Marion in fifth grade, and one at McGuire Middle School in seventh grade. Lakeville Public Schools is comprised of almost 11,000 students and 1,300 staff. Our School Board is comprised of six elected positions, three of which are up for re-election this year. All school boards should be diverse in talent but filled with members committed and dedicated to the success of our students. On Nov. 8, we have the opportunity to strengthen our School Board by electing our “parents’ voice and fiscal accountability” in Ben Osborn and re-electing our “teachers’ strength and experienced educator” in Terry Lind. Individually, they have different talents and skills, but together they will form a great recipe for success for our entire school district. Please join me on Nov. 8 as I vote for Ben Osborn and Terry Lind for Lakeville School Board.

Kelly Barke
Prior Lake