Six reasons to vote

To the editor:

It is a tough election year to take, nastiness flows freely. But there are some amazing candidates to support. As a Lakeville resident since 1976, I feel strongly that each of the following candidates cares not only about supporting my hometown, but will support our largest employer: Lakeville Area Schools. Each are focused on problem-solving more than partisan politics.

State representative: LeAnn Weikle. She is an award-winning, 20-year teacher who proudly raised her two daughters here. She will go to bat for our schools in a way never seen before in Lakeville. She wants to reduce our reliance on local property taxes and lessen the burden of taxes on small businesses in order to promote growth.

School Board: Terry Lind and Ben Osborn. Voters should cast ballots only for these two candidates to ensure we will keep the only educator on the board (Lind) and we can elect an informed parent (Osborn). Terry has devoted his life and career to educating Lakeville students as a retired Lakeville teacher and principal. The board needs his wisdom and insight. We currently have zero parents of current district students on the board and we desperately need Osborn’s perspective. Ben is also a CPA and would bring a commitment to fiscal responsibility.

City Council: Brian “Baldy” Wheeler and Jack Akenson. Wheeler brings needed practicality to the council. He has grown a successful small business in Lakeville and understands how to promote more growth. He has great school connections and has shown a lot of honesty publicly that we don’t always see in public figures. I have known Akenson since his daughter played competitive volleyball for my husband at Lakeville High School. He is an honest, hard working, upstanding, charismatic person with good character. He also brings a needed business sense to the council.

State senator: Matt Little. Mayor Little has shown a commitment to Lakeville that is unparalleled. He has done more to energize young people in this town than anyone I’ve seen in my 30 years as a resident. He is smart, tough, and unafraid to stand up for what is right.

Amy (Gonyea) Willingham