Apple Valley business specializes in drug screenings, DNA tests

Nisha Malaviya opened ARCpoint Labs at 14690 Galaxie Ave. in November. (Photo by Andrew Miller)
Nisha Malaviya opened ARCpoint Labs at 14690 Galaxie Ave. in November. (Photo by Andrew Miller)

A family tragedy several years ago sparked Nisha Malaviya’s interest in drug-abuse prevention and awareness.

Malaviya, who opened ARCpoint Labs in Apple Valley in November, saw her cousin lose everything — including her life — to opioid painkiller addiction.

Following back surgery to correct injuries she suffered in a motorcycle accident, Malaviya’s cousin got hooked on the pain medication she was prescribed. Trapped in a downward spiral, the married mother saw her family life dissolve before finally dying as a result of her addiction.

“That had a pretty significant impact on my vision of what a drug addict looks like,” said Malaviya, of Bloomington. “It’s what drew me to this business. Trying to educate and build awareness is a high priority for me.”

ARCpoint Labs in Apple Valley, a franchise business, offers third-party drug and alcohol screening for employers and government agencies, including testing for safety-sensitive jobs with the Department of Transportation along with court-ordered drug testing.

The business also offers court-admissible DNA tests, for paternity lawsuits, as well as ancestry tests and pharmacogenetic DNA testing to determine what medications will be most effective for employees or patients based on their genetic makeup.

Additionally, a “telehealth” program at ARCpoint is a subscription service that allows clients to talk or Skype with a physician for acute conditions such as pink eye and sinus infections. The plan, aimed at reducing the time and money required for going to an urgent care clinic or emergency room, is used by individual clients or can be offered by employers, with a cost of $15 per household.

Malaviya, who was born in India and moved to the United States in 1996, brings a background in health care to the business. Prior to opening ARCpoint Labs in Apple Valley, she spent nine years working at United Health in communications and development, and last year earned her MBA in health care from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.

ARCpoint Labs is located at 14690 Galaxie Ave., Suite 110. More about the business is at