Apple Valley day-care provider sentenced in baby’s death

A former Apple Valley day-care provider has been sentenced to one day in jail and five years of probation in connection with the death of a baby in her care.

Janet M. Kartheiser, 65, was convicted in district court last week of felony child neglect.

Charges were brought against Kartheiser following the July 2014 death of 3 1/2-month-old Lucas Scott Foster.

Police and paramedics were dispatched to Kartheiser’s home on July 29, 2014, following a 911 call about an unresponsive infant — Foster — at the licensed day care service.

Foster regained a pulse after resuscitation efforts and was taken by ambulance to a hospital, but died two days later on July 31.

An autopsy performed by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office determined the infant’s cause of death as being accidental as a result of “positional asphyxia.”

According to the criminal complaint, on the day of the incident Kartheiser had placed the infant on his side in a crib, swaddled in a blanket, at about 12:15 p.m.

Kartheiser reported that several minutes later she saw the infant rolled over onto his stomach inside the crib; thinking he had fallen asleep, she left him unattended until 12:40 p.m. when she checked and found him limp and unresponsive, at which point she attempted resuscitation and called 911.

Kartheiser told police she knew the infant should not have been left lying face down in the crib, according to the complaint.

Additionally, before officers arrived Kartheiser hid the infant’s swaddle blanket, receiving blanket and quilt behind a garbage can in the furnace room because she knew she did not have the required paperwork to use those items in the infant’s sleeping environment, the complaint said.

Foster had been attending Kartheiser’s day care three times a week for about three weeks.

Two other charges against Kartheiser — manslaughter and interference with the body or scene of death — were dismissed.

In addition to one day of jail and five years of probation, Kartheiser was ordered to complete 2,400 hours of community service.

Kartheiser is the mother of professional actor Vincent Kartheiser, who played the character Pete Campbell in the popular TV series “Mad Men.”