As health fails, ‘Journeyman’ still preaching God’s word

Jeffrey Post

In and out of hospice twice in the last two years, Jeffrey Post describes himself as terminally ill.

“They tell me I could go anytime,” said Post, who suffers from an incurable colonic disorder called Ogilvie syndrome and other maladies.

A former Burnsville resident and longtime youth pastor and chaplain here, Post says God has a story to tell through him while he’s alive, awaiting death, at age 53.

“I always tell people it’s my spoiler alert,” said Post, who now lives in Mesa, Arizona. “But I don’t look at it as negative. We have to live life.”

Post has written a “spiritual autobiography” and is working to book a speaking tour in hotel meeting rooms, churches and anywhere else he is welcomed. He hopes to visit Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin from August to October.

“I want people to be encouraged,” said Post, who promises inspiration and humor along with his grim reality. “It’s a good journey.”

Post hails from Storm Lake, Iowa, where he “came out of the woodwork” as a high school senior and “accepted Jesus as my lord and savior.” He’s been preaching ever since and said he remains a licensed but inactive Assemblies of God minister.

After high school he attended North Central University, a Minneapolis Christian college, and St. Paul Bible College in St. Bonifacius. He launched a career in children’s ministry, which included puppetry, clowning and theatrical work.

Widely traveled, Post said he’s used to doing his own bookings and finding places to preach the word.

“It’s very versatile, what I do,” said Post, who once was a partner in a Bloomington animation studio that served the children’s ministry market. “Now we’re looking at it in a different light because of my physical health, trying to figure out the best way to do this to be my best.”

Since 1990, Post has served as family administrator for children and youth at Destiny Christian Center in Burnsville, led the church’s student ministries, been the assistant manager at a Children’s World Learning Center in Burnsville and served as chaplain, activities director and staff manager at The Rivers, a Burnsville retirement community.

In 2000, diagnoses of rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and myotonic dystrophy (a muscle-wasting disease), as well as a double hernia surgery from which he didn’t fully heal, began a cascading series of health setbacks.

In 2008 he was diagnosed with Ogilvie syndrome, a colonic pseudo-obstruction that causes severe distention of the abdomen and constipation. The disease, Post said, is killing the nerves and muscles in his intestines.

“It’s dying all the way throughout, and there’s nothing they can do,” said Post, who moved to Arizona in 2013 in part because the state allows medicinal marijuana, which he said helps treat his seizures and stomach problems. “There’s no surgeries. There’s no medicines, because if they give me medicines, they’ll constipate me and I’ll die.”

He has committed his journey to paper and said an autobiography, “Chasing Shadows,” is due out in the fall of 2018. He has adopted the moniker “A Journeyman.”

Post said he feels God’s presence now more “than I have at any other time of my life not being in a tragedy or a trial.”

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