Highway 3 closed in Eagan during rush hour Wednesday

The Eagan Police Department closed the intersection of Highway 3 and Cliff Road during rush hour March 8 while they negotiated with a suicidal individual.G-PoliceCarWEB

After three hours of negotiation, the individual was taken into custody and transported to Fairview Riverside in Minneapolis for an evaluation, according to a release from the Eagan Police Department.

No one was injured.

Police initially received a call at about 3:30 p.m. from a home on Tamie Avenue. The caller said an individual was attempting self-harm.

Before police arrived, the individual left the home in the vehicle and crashed it at the intersection of Cliff Road and Highway 3.

The individual refused commands to leave the vehicle. Because the person was armed, officers rerouted traffic and began negotiating.

After three hours of negotiations, the individual threw the gun from the vehicle and got out.

The intersection was reopened at approximately 7:15 p.m.