Racist, derogatory notes found in locker at Farmington school

Farmington Area School District Superintendent Jay Haugen released a statement yesterday to inform parents of the district’s students that racist and derogatory notes were found in a student locker at Riverview Elementary School on March 8.

He said he was saddened to share the news.

“Our administrators are currently investigating the source of the notes and will take disciplinary action according to our policies,” he said.

“As a school district and community, we take these matters extremely seriously. I want to share with you my personal commitment to creating safe and respectful schools for each of your children. Racist words and behaviors will not be tolerated.”

Principal Kimberly Grengs and the school’s counselor addressed the incident today with students at Riverview Elementary.

“This incident impacts our whole community and we recognize that there is a greater conversation to be had,” Haugen said in his statement. “In coming weeks we will engage all of our schools in this work. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.”