Taking care of the vulnerable

To the editor:

How does the Trump administration embrace “humanity?” It doesn’t.

As a nation, shouldn’t our most basic charge be to take care of one another? For if we fail to thrive as people, it doesn’t matter how much we spend on our military or our infrastructure. This nation is made up of people first and foremost. And in order for individuals and groups to thrive, they first need their basic needs met – food, shelter, health and safety. What prevents us from providing health care (and other basic needs) for all our citizens like many other countries do? Is it that cavalier attitude of “everyone needs to pull themselves up by their bootstraps?” That works if everyone has boots. It doesn’t work if all you’ve had is flip flops.

Our country does not do a good job of taking care of its people, especially our women and children. The U.S. ranks 31st on the Mother’s Index as compared to Finland which ranks first. The U.S. ranks 26th on overall child well-being as compared to Finland which ranks fourth. Finland provides a strong social and economic foundation for their children. The United States does not. We prioritize military, corporations and the wealthy over our future – our children. The greatest measure of a country’s humanity is how it takes care of its most vulnerable – children, those who live in poverty and those who are oppressed. This is often reflected in our budgets, budgets that most recently prioritize military, corporations and the wealthy.

Maure Ann Metzger

  • Caren

    Very well said Maure Ann. We were looked to worldwide as a bastion of democracy and a stalwart of human rights. It’s frightening to me how much we have turned away from these values and turned our backs on our most vulnerable. I’m not blaming this solely on this current administration. Unfortunately greed and profit have been a driving force in both policy and politics for awhile. This administration has only magnified and promoted the divisiveness between the haves, and have less or not at all.